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Older Dogs

When dog gets older they require some extra special attention

We have put together some tips that may help with Older Dogs: Raise food bowls
  • Move beds to easily accessible areas
  • If paws slip on tiles/smooth services put mats down
  • Buy pet staircases – yes you can buy ready made or if you’re handy make them yourself
  • If your old timers breath is getting a bit stinky get a doggy toothbrush (remember not to use human toothpaste though as they can’t spit it out like we do). We have a cool product that helps with stinks at both ends check out Happy Tails Dog Smog Remedy
  • You vet may advise to visit more than the standard once per year
  • Check on your dogs diet – the food you have been feeding them up until now may not suit them as they get older – check with your vet or pet shop
  • If you have a step in your house put a textured mat on the step (or the top of the stairs) so your dog can sense the mat on his paws and know the step is close
  • Keep your dog as healthy as possible try slower shorter walks or swimming which is easier on the joints
  • If your older dog really doesn’t like baths check out our Pet Head Poof spray simply squirt between baths to take away the smelly dog smell


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