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Lost Dogs

We can only imagine how terrible it would be if you lost your dog. As stress levels would be high and perhaps you wouldn’t be thinking too well we have put this post together with some useful tips on getting lost dogs back. 

  • Go door knocking – perhaps your dog has gone visiting a neighbour or your neigbour may have seen something
  • Check local parks or friends houses nearby that your dog has been to
  • Call your local Council and SPCA as your dog may have been picked up by animal control or handed in
  • The following sites have lost and found pet listings:  www.trademe.co.nzhttp://www.petsonthenet.co.nz/
  • Make up some fliers and put them up around the neighbourhood including schools, local business windows (always ask the business owner first though) or noticeboards at libraries, supermarkets etc (we have made a template lost dog poster feel free to use it – Lost Dog poster)
  • Facebook is another good avenue to get the word out, post a picture of your dog and details including, name, breed, size, colour, where he/she was last seen, any collar they are wearing, obvious markings or scars. Ask your friends to share the post with their friends it’s amazing just how many people you can reach this way. Feel free to post on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/urbandogsnz
  • If you have registered your dog via Paw Justice’s patch up your pet make sure you check your emails in case someone has found him/her http://patchupyourpet.co.nz/lost/find
  • It’s really important to have your dog microchipped so that if he or she is found they can get back to you more easily


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