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"As some of you may know, Podge is our quality control manager. If it doesn't meet her seal of approval, we don't sell it! She really enjoys our 'raw diet' natural treats we have available. She shares her good taste with lots of our 'clients'. We have recently introduced our Venison Popcorn (which is Venison Lung) to our range and is fastly turning into our top seller. We haven't had a dog not like it yet. Infact it's such a hit, we have to be careful not to loose a finger or two when we give out samples! :) Raw diet treats are a great way to give your dog a great teeth work out, mental stimulation (bordom busters), and adds additional vitamins and minerals to their diet. Also because there is no artificial colours, flavours or additives, you know they are good for them too. A little trick is to offer different varieties of treats to their diet for a taste variance, vitamin and mineral variances but more importantly, dogs chew certain treats differently depending on the shape, texture and size of the treat. 

Podge is 10 years old now and apart from the fact she had 3 teeth removed, her teeth are in fantastic condition. The fact she has those missing teeth, it doesn't stop her in the slightest from stealing all sorts of treats from our treat draw at home! Happy Treating :) 


Owner - One Podgy Dog 


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