P: (09)415 4920

Rangiora Rural Retreat

This bach is lovely, it has everything you need for a break from the city life. On a hill it has amazing views of the surrounding land and even down to the water. There is 7 acres to explore although some of it is long grass the dogs and children alike will find no doubt have lots of adventures finding there way through the long grass.

The house itself is modern, well presented and decorated. The kitchen is styly and is perfect for entertaining. There is not a full size oven but a bench top compact oven does the job. The BBQ is amazing and has a glass top so you can cook virtually anything on there without having to open to lid to see the food. There is a selection of platters and dishes for serving all the yummy food you create. You can then take you pick from numerous seats around the beautifully presented garden.The middle of the house has 2 see through roller doors so if it is windy you can relax on the couches but still enjoy the views - or open them up for an outside feel.

The dogs are allowed inside or out (just not on the furniture). There are many hiding places our 2 dogs Marley and Kyla just loved to play one of their fav games find it, where we hide food around the garden and the have to find it. They also loved playing chase in the long grass and wore themselves out everyday. There is stock in the neighbouring paddocks so you just have to ensure the dogs don't bother them. The cattle are the only neighbours you'll see as the gardens block any sight of the neighbouring houses.

The owners are very nice and easy to deal with and are very easy going about the dogs.There is access to a boat ramp down the end of the road. About a 90 mins drive from Auckland, private, great for entertaining and the dogs - this bach is one of my favourites.



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