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Riverside Barn - Puhoi

One of my favourite places to take the dogs on holiday is a riverside barn in puhoi. Set on a 50 acre sheep farm the barn is at the very bottom of the property next to the puhoi river - You have approx 7 acres of land and the private beach to yourself.It is bliss to wake up, open the roller door and have amazing views over the river and the neighbouring land. The property has a gate that leads to more land and down to the river so when it's low tide you can close the gate and keep the dogs out of them mud, when the tide is right you can open the gate and let them run around and swim until they are worn out, then enjoy a barbecue, a few drinks and the peaceful surrounds. 

The barn is basic, but clean, tidy and spacious. There is no power however car batteries provide lighting, gas for hot water in the shower and kitchen taps and a big barbecue for cooking. Toileting is basic with a portaloo (long drop). But it is clean (not your usual bush long drop covered in flies). There is sheep fencing so petty secure but short so if your dog is quite a jumper you may have to keep them on a long lead. The owner is very considerate and keeps the sheep out of the neighbouring paddocks.

There is a picnic table down at the water so Corey and I often sit there and have a beer and nibbles while the dogs are playing.Kayaks often come past on there way up to the puhoi pub....this is the only civilisation you see in days.

A slice of heaven on earth....



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