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Raw Feeding

At Urban Dogs we are excited to announce the arrival of K9 Natural Raw food. As dog owners many of us want the best for our canine companions. The following article is a brief overview of the benefits of raw feeding.Our staff are happy to help with any queries as there is a lot of information regarding raw feeding.

Scientifically dogs are carnivores, their digestive tracts and shape of their jaw is designed to digest raw meaty bones. A dog that is raw fed correctly will have a stomach acidity of pH 1-2. This ensures when they consume a bone it is able to be fully digested in the gut. When the stomach is operating at a correct pH level our dogs are able to benefit from all the nutrients that are essential from a raw meat/bone provided diet.Biscuit or mixed fed dogs i.e. dry dog food, vegetables, canned meats or dog roll will have a stomach acidity of pH 4-5. When this occurs a range of health issues will start to arise. A pH of 4-5 will cause what is called a leaky gut, which in turn leads to digestive issues and a compromised immune system.

Common signs of leaky gut are:

  • Itchy skin
  • Bacterial/yeast infections
  • Chronic + acute ear problems
  • Anal gland issues 
  • Dull coat
  • Staining around eyes + paws (more obviously in light coloured dogs)
  • Intermittent vomiting
  • Intermittent diarrhoea 
  • Pancreatitis
  • Lameness
  • Arthritis
  • Joint problems
  • Allergies to grass + food
  • Urinary problems (cystitis/ bladder stones)
  • Obesity
  • Hyperactivity
  • Anxiety related behaviours

There are some myths about raw feeding however when done correctly there are many amazing benefits. Green tripe is an essential component of the diet as it seals the gut and digests the bones completely in the stomach as well as providing vegetable content.

The do’s and don’ts of raw feeding:


  • Feed a range of raw meat products designed for dogs- see our staff for advice and availability of K9 natural products
  • Feed green tripe (tripe from the supermarket or butcher is NOT suitable as it has been washed and bleached)
  • Feed raw meaty bones i.e. chicken frames for large dogs. Chicken necks for small dogs
  • Feed 3 different types of meat per week for a balance diet

See our staff for advice on appropriate bones for your dog.


  • Feed cooked bones in any form 
  • Feed beef or pork- these cause a histamine reaction
  • Feed processed meats i.e. salami, bacon or ham type products as these are high in salts and preservatives
  • Feed a mix of raw food with dry or commercial pet foods as this causes diarrhoea, vomiting and in severe cases, perforations/ blockages. This is due to an imbalanced pH level in the gut and is a very common problem

At Urban Dogs our passion is health and wellness for our dogs. A number of our staff dogs are raw fed see below for results they have seen in their dogs since switching to raw feeding. Here's some results: 

Kyla and Marley – behaviour changes, Marley’s skin has cleared up as used to get hives/rashes on tummy, stopped burying bones, coat shiny, plaque from teeth has disappeared, breath fresher, minimal stools to pick up (yay) and farts have reduced (we gotta love that one) Leanne Coste -Owner Urban Dogs

Rufus – has come off pain medication all together (as raw feeding reducing inflammation in the body), no more ear problems or itchy skin, teeth tartar has disappeared, no more anal glad problems. Rufus used to be on premium biscuits from vet clinic but wasn't excited at meal times – now loves the raw food. Sam Kingston - Senior behaviourist, Trainer and Vet nurse

Our staff are happy to help with any queries. 


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