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Interview with Jan Fennell

Leanne (Urban Dogs Managing Director) interviewed Jan Fennell - the Dog Listener. 

Jan Fennell, "The dog listener", is an English dog lover and dog trainer and international best selling author writing 6 books: 

  • The Dog Listener
  • The Practical Dog Listener
  • A Dog's Best Friend
  • Friends For Life
  • The Seven Ages of Your Dog
  • The Puppy Listener

Q. What is the top tip you have learnt when working with dogs over the years?

A. Remember they are dogs, not little people! As soon as you lose sight of this you will not stand a chance of succeeding in any work you want to do with them.

Q.   What should owners do different when adopting a rescue dog rather than from a breeder?

A.    Nothing. Dogs are dogs no matter what their background. You may just need more patience with a rescue dog, depending on their (unknown) background.

Q.  You have helped save the lives of so many dogs and made the lives of the humans so much more enjoyable, what would you say to others that perhaps want to embark on a dog training career?

A.  If anyone wants to embark on a dog orientated career, please do not plan on making any money, it won’t happen! Do it because you want to do it and you want to make a difference. 

Q. Amichien bonding – how important is it to do all of the time?

A. Dogs look for signals every day because, in their natural environment, anything can change on a daily basis, changes that could affect their survival so AB is an ongoing process and needs to be implemented every day for the rest of their lives.

Q. If people want to learn more about your techniques, what would they do next?

A. If people want to know more about AB then they can visit our website: http://janfennellthedoglistener.com/pages/information/becoming-a-jan-fennell-approved-dog-listener-28 


Amichien Bonding essentially means the dog is consistently shown by the owner that the human half of the partnership is responsible for making decisions. The dog is not physically dominated. 


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