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Doggy Winter Boredom Busters

It’s starting to get a little bit harder to peel the warm covers off in the morning, which means the first signs of winter are starting to reveal themselves. Though our furry friends seem more than happy to frolic around in the mud after a rainy day, you might not be as excited for those muddy paws to be marched throughout your house. Sounding familiar? Don’t worry, Urban Dogs has got you covered! There are plenty of ways you can stimulate your dog indoors this winter for those extra muddy days.

Doggy Muffin Game

If you’ve got a muffin tin lying around, place some treats in a few of the muffin holders and cover the holders with tennis balls and other toys. Your dog will have to use their sense to figure out where the treats are hiding and how to get them!

Doggy Puzzles

You can buy these at pet stores and online. They have different levels of difficulty so make sure you get what level suits your dogs. 

Find It Game
This one is simple - just hide treats or their kibble around the house or in the backyard on a nicer day and give the command find it and your dog sniffs them out to enjoy the treats.

A bored dog can lead to bad behaviour so on the days that you want to keep your dog mainly indoors, partaking in some of these activities will make sure your doggy is a happy one. Our wonderful staff at Urban Dogs regularly set up games like this at our day care to engage the dogs and challenge them mentally. Got another idea for doggy activities? We would love to hear it! Comment below.


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