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Urban Dogs Dog Daycare & Training Centre

The aim of doggy daycare is to create a fun, safe environment where you can drop your dog off to make your life easier and be a positive experience for your dog. Daycares are a controlled environment versus being out and about in public where there are unknown factors. Many dogs have a fantastic experience and it is great for their socialisation, development and energy levels.

Our dog daycare operates just like daycare for human children - owners drop their dogs off in the morning and collect them in the afternoon or evening. We provide a structured schedule for your dog - complete with activities, nap time, treat time and social play.

Dogs are highly social and are naturally pack animals, which means they like being around other dogs and people. Dog daycare provides a safe and controlled environment where your dog can make friends and have fun. Like young children, dogs must learn to socialise, share their toys and play nicely. At Urban Dogs your dog will make new friends and learn all-important socialisation skills.

Your dog will be in a fully-supervised play area with other dogs who are grouped based on their personality and size. Your dog will be involved in a wide variety of play activities and social stimulation to ensure that they go home happy and worn out (mentally and physically). They will of course receive plenty of cuddles and attention throughout the day.

Hours & Rates

Daycare Concession Rates As At 1st April 2022

5 x ½ day concession
$37.50 per ½ day
$187.50 total
10 x ½ day concession
$36.00 per ½ day
$360.00 total
20 x ½ day concession
$34.50 per ½ day
$690.00 total
30 x ½ day concession
$33.00 per ½ day
$990.00 total
5 x full day concession
$46.75 per day
$233.75 total
10 x full day concession
$44.25 per day
$442.50 total
20 x full day concession
$41.50 per day
$830.00 total
30 x full day concession$39.00 per day$1,170.00 total

Concessions are fully flexible and payable in advance. 

5 and 10 day concessions are valid for 20 weeks from date of purchase, 20 day concessions are valid for 40 weeks from date of purchase and 30 day concessions are valid for 60 weeks from date of purchase.

Dog Daycare Casual Rates

1 x full day
$49.50 per full day

1 x ½ day (up to 6 hours)
$39.00 per ½ day

  • Note: Multi dog family discounts apply – POA
  • Bookings are preferred, but we understand sometimes this is not possible.  Call our team on 09 4154920 or email team@urbandogs.co.nz.
  • At 6 hours, we have the longest doggy day care ½ day on the North Shore
  • Visits are as and when suits you any day Monday-Friday. 
  • Prices are current as at 1 April 2022.

We are open 6.30 am - 6.30 pm, Monday to Friday for your convenience.

We want you and your dog to be comfortable using our services, so we would like to offer you a chance to come and try our services for FREE.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free-play assessment work?

Every dog at Urban Dogs must go through a Pre-play Assessment, as we need to evaluate if your dog is suitable for the off-leash group environment. This is performed by a qualified team member. Just like kids when they first start school, some dogs will be nervous initially and even for the first few visits, but almost all dogs settle in fine.

Our slow introduction process allows dogs to feel comfortable, not overwhelmed. We don't believe in just throwing your dog in with the huge group and letting them sort it out – which can be quite traumatic for a nervous dog.

We have 8 different areas to serve our clients including play areas, relaxing areas, movies and our Relaxing Seniors Area (RSA). Our highly trained and qualified team are consistently reading the dogs body language to understand where they are most comfortable and moving the dogs around to keep them safe and happy. For example, a large dog might like the large dog play area in the morning but in the afternoon when they are tired they might like a smaller group of friends or even the chill out area.

Can puppies come to Dog Day Care?

Urban Dogs day care provides a wonderful learning environment for puppies. Puppies are closely supervised and by mixing with well-adjusted older dogs, they naturally learn respect, manners and other social skills they need in a dog's world. Day care helps puppies develop into calm, happy, relaxed adults. Older dogs learn from puppies too as puppies teach them patience and tolerance.

Are senior dogs too old for Dog Day Care?

We have a separate RSA (Relaxing Seniors Area). Your mature dog will enjoy hanging out with like-minded friends who don't want to run around playing with the young'uns, but just want to hang out, have a sleep, listen to a little music or watch movies together. They have comfy couches and beds, and floor to ceiling windows so they can check out what's happening outside. They'll exercise in the play areas as well and when they have had enough they can go off and have a rest! As well as providing companionship we also take care of any special requirements like more frequent toilet breaks (hey, we all know dogs can have this problem too) and any basic medications.

Will my dog have toys to play with?

Yes, we are constantly testing new toys for the day care environment and we choose long lasting fun toys.

Who will be looking after my dog?

We employ only the best, so that your dog is cared for by professional,  caring team. We know our team are vital in ensuring your dog has a positive, safe experience at doggy day care. We have a thorough hiring process and provide ongoing training for our team. Our team are all trained in dog behaviour, dog body language, canine first aid and CPR, health, play style and behaviour management.

Will my dog be safe at Dog Day Care?

The safety of all dogs at Urban Dogs is top priority, we take safety very seriously and have comprehensive health and safety rules, here's a few:

  • There are trained team members supervising the dogs AT ALL TIMES
  • Dogs are be grouped based on their size and temperament
  • Our team are trained in dog behaviour, they are consistently watching the dog behaviour and rearranging dogs to suit. They are also watching for any issues that might arise and are dealing with problems before they escalate
  • Dogs get excited when playing with other dogs – we have a timeout area for any dog that is getting too excited
  • We have a strict cleaning schedule to ensure our facility is clean and healthy for your dog
  • We use vet quality cleaning products that are purpose made
  • Internal fencing will keep the dogs within a safe environment at all times – with 1.8m fencing across the 2 roller door exits

For more info on any of our health and safety procedures please feel free to ask - we want you to be comfortable leaving your precious pooch with us.

What will my dog do all day at Dog Day Care?

A typical day for your dog looks like:

6.30 am - Supervised doggy play time/activities

9.30 - 10am - Swimming or farm trip departs *

12pm - Quiet time - pups chill out on beds and mats listening to lullabys and relaxing music.

12.30 - 1pm - Afternoon farm trip departs *

1.30pm - More supervised doggy playtime

6.30 pm - Day care closes

* additional cost

Note: As puppies don't know how to regulate their own play they have additional rest time throughout the day.

What are your Rules and Regulations?

Our goal at Urban Dogs is to provide a safe, fun and hygienic environment for dogs. To provide this we need all our clients, two-legged and four-legged, to comply with the following rules and regulations:

  • All dogs must be well-socialised. Owners need to certify that their dogs have not harmed or shown any aggressive or threatening behaviour toward people or other dogs. Any dog showing aggression will be refused entry
  • All dogs must pass our pre-play assessment
  • Dogs must be currently registered with their local Council
  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered by six months of age
  • There is no minimum age limit for puppies however they must have had all their vaccinations prior to admission. 
  • A registration form must be completed and proof of current vaccinations as required for DHPP (Distemper/Hepatitis/Parainfluenza/Parvovirus), Lepto and Bordatella (kennel cough) before entry. 
  • Please DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG TO DAYCARE if they are not well. All dogs must be free from any condition which could potentially jeopardise other guests – this includes sneezing, coughing, hacking etc. If unsure please call us before bringing your dog
  • All dogs must be on a flea treatment program. Any dog showing signs of fleas will not be admitted into the facility
  • Owners are fully responsible for any expenses accrued due to the actions of their dog including but not limited to medical expenses and damage to property (note: all dogs are evaluated before entry but occasionally things can happen, this is limited as much as possible with our level of training, policies and procedures)
  • Dogs can share coughs, sniffles, eye infections and more…just like children's day care. Urban Dogs is not responsible for vet bills of this nature. If your dog is ill, we will take them to a local vet if you are unable to
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times during drop off and pick up. Please also ensure you park in Urban Dogs' designated car parks
  • For health and safety reasons we cannot allow owners in the play area during normal day care hours
  • For health and safety reasons dogs may be issued with a quick release collar while at Urban Dogs – no choke collars allowed in play area
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry to any dog, for any reason, at any time


We are open 6.30 am - 6.30 pm, Monday to Friday for your convenience.

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