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Doggy Swimming Club

Teach Confidence in the Water

This popular service is great for those dogs that need more confidence in the water or just love swimming and would like a regular outing with their friends. Dogs are loaded up in the car, belted in with their buddies and taken to a dedicated hydrotherapy centre.

Swimming benefits:
  • Teaches confidence in water
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Great form on non-impact exercise
  • Heated indoor pool
  • Life jackets are worn
  • Great post-surgery for rehab
  • Run by a qualified canine hydro therapist

Dog Swimming Lesson Rates

$30 when added to day care, 10 x concession $270.

Farm Trips

Farm Trips

For those lucky pooches who get to go on field trips, we take a drive up to the Urban Dogs Farm in Wainui. Pups are able to run around lead free in our fully fenced acres of dog park. 

As at the daycare, all dogs are behavior assessed and mixed by temperament to ensure safe, stress free play. This is a PAWSOME chance to socialise, while burning off energy, in a safe controlled environment - most importantly the pooches get to run and run and run!! 

Note - Dogs are secured when in the car and safety procedures are followed when loading and unloading.

This service is an add on to day care.

Farm Trip Rates

$25 per trip when added to daycare,  or 10 x concession $220


How about a bath experience that will make any pup ready for an early night?

We have a dog hydrobath, to ensure the best quality bath for your dogs.

  • Ramp makes it safe to get in and out of the bath
  • Safely clipped in
  • Different nozzles for different size dogs adding to their comfort
  • Shampoo is pushed through with the warm water to get right through all that fur
  • We rinse thoroughly with fresh warm water as shampoo residue left behind can cause itching

Bathing Prices

Bath, treat, blow dry, spritzer
Small dog e.g. Jack Russell
Medium dog e.g. Cocker Spaniel
Large dog e.g. German Shepherd
X Large dog e.g. Samoyed

The works (bath, treat, blow dry, ear clean, nail clip, spritzer)
Small dog e.g. Jack Russell
Medium dog e.g. Cocker Spaniel
Large dog e.g. German Shepherd
X Large dog e.g. Samoyed

Grooming Prices

Grooming prices all include a bath, shampoo, blow wave, comb out, cut, ear clean and pedicure.  Pricing is indicative onlyand depends not only on the size of your dog, but also the state and length of the coat.

Small Dog From $75.00
Medium Dog
From $85.00
Large DogFrom $100.00
Extra Large Dog From $120.00

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We are open 6.30 am - 6.30 pm, Monday to Friday for your convenience.

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