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"We took our dog to three other day cares first and reckon that Urban dogs is the cleanest and friendliest.  You can get to see what your dogs doing all the time - some other places you cant go in so you cant see the cleanliness or the environment that the dogs are housed in - nor see any other dogs.  Urban dogs always keep us on track with her nails and payments, they are efficient and would recommend them to others." Sandy's mum

My dog Winston is a high energy boxer , after his initial induction for Urban Dogs I had a lot of confidence that he would really enjoy being there.

It’s clear to see that each staff member has a passion  for working there and show a genuine care for animals.

Winston had a wonderful time on a recent swimming trip, he slept so deeply that evening . He will go on one of the field trip outings in the new year.

Urban Dogs are looking after Winston with exactly the care and attention that he would get at home :)

We have been taking our dog, Aston to Urban Dogs now for well over 2 years.  It began just as one day which soon grew into at least 3 days each week, some weeks he has gone every day.   My husband and I work full time and the knowledge that Aston is taken care of during the day is so important to us.  However, more importantly Aston who is now almost 7 years old has learned very good social skills with other dogs and at the end of the day is totally exhausted and is very happy to go home, eat dinner and curl up into bed.  The team at Urban Dogs are just amazing.  Leanne has chosen her staff  well because they all share the same passion – the dogs are absolutely paramount and you can tell the way the dogs react to the staff shows that the care is honest.  Aston is one content Boxer dog who just loves going to day-care.  We highly recommend Urban Dogs.

Vicki Pine (Aston's mum)

It’s great to know that Gypsy is having a good day at Urban Dogs, whether it’s playing, or for an extra treat, going for a swim or field trip! Some of her best days are spent with there.  

Urban Dogs is the quietest doggy day care I’ve ever been. I think that’s due to their close supervision of dogs’behavior and structural playing. My golden puppy is kind of hyperactive and dominant. After attending urban dog, his manner improved a lot. My puppy attended other daycare before, then he refused to go after few times. But he loves to go to Urban Dog, he couldn’t wait every time when we get there. Sam, the dog trainer, also gave us lots of free advice for training him. And the staff here are very caring, informative and responsible. They are not just watching the dogs playing, they are actually teaching dogs manners and correcting their inappropriate behaviour.

Bonnie Hu (Rebel's mum)

'With a household full of working adults, I hated the idea of leaving Kaya as a very young puppy alone for such long periods throughout the day. She needed, but wasn't always getting, the right amount of mental stimulation, exercise and socialization. The concept of a doggy daycare was unknown to me until I noticed an advert behind the back of a bus one day. Not wanting to place Kaya into just any daycare, I spent some time researching options which had the right combination of facilities, staff experience and (most importantly) glowing customer feedback. Urban Dogs met those three crucial criterias for me AND more! The facilities always look well-maintained and clean, Leanne always seems to find the right staff members (no doubt some thorough applicant grilling) who are passionate and experienced, and all those glowing customer feedbacks were proven true. Additionally my little Kaya has enjoyed more than just a place to call a home away from home because she now goes for swimming, has birthday parties with her friends, and the team always tries their best to create new events for both the furbabies and their parents. So a big thank you to all the team for taking care of Kaya and I would highly recommend Urban Dogs to anyone else seeking more than just a drop-off/pick-up...its the value-added services that really sets this place apart!'

Our vet highly recommended Urban Dogs to our Puppy Group and when our puppy had completed all the necessary vaccinations we contacted them for a trial day. They were super friendly & provided us with a lot of information about the services Urban Dogs provide & the trial day. Our dog Gus is a Vizsla and they known to be full of energy but can be sensitive at times. Gus certainly got over his shyness very quickly and loves going to Urban Dogs. The staff are always very welcoming to both our dog & ourselves. He comes home happy & content. He so enjoys the excursions to the farm & swimming. The staff are great at offering feedback about who he played with, how he settled, offering training tips and advice. They phoned me quite early on concerned he had diarrhoea & after gathering more information suggested we should change his diet. I must say their advice has been great & certainly solved the issues Gus had. It is so fun to see regular photos of him enjoying his day there and comforting to know he is being well looked after.

We certainly highly recommend Urban Dogs for quality dog care. (Gus's Mum)

Charlie loves going to Urban Dogs! She flies through the door and doesn’t even look back! As well as day care, she has been out on day trips – swimming and walking – and last weekend even had a sleepover! Charlie loves going so much that I even take her when I don’t need to, when I’m not even working! The care and professionalism of the team is outstanding. Before I went to Urban Dogs, I thought it was a lot of money for pet day care, but for peace of mind and my little furry friend’s enjoyment – it is worth every penny. If I could afford more I would take her even more often. Thank you Urban Dogs!

Jane Edwards (Charlie's mum)

Annie has been coming to Urban dogs for a few months now and loves it there, great fun environment & lovely staff – 100% recommend!!

Jade Clarkson (Annie's mum)

“We have been taking our Puppy Hershey to Urban Dogs for Swimming and Doggy Daycare. From the initial trial day to ongoing days of daycare, there attention to detail has been second to none. The staff have a great passion and love the dogs as if they were one of their own.  Hershey loves the socialisation, and comes home and has a huge sleep from the fun days he encounters.  Totally recommended.”  

Chrissy Hay (Hershey's mum)

Koda has been going to Urban Dogs since he was a puppy, he's a really energetic retriever who loves daycare! It's great to know that Koda is safe and very happy (and exhausted when he comes home). I highly recommend them.  

Lara Crowle (Koda's mum)

As a busy single parent of my pup Brinkley, he really loves it when I take him for his wee visits at Urban. In fact he knows the name, and when I say we are off to Urban he runs straight to the car. Urban Dogs is often in my conversation and I am regularly recommending them to friends and colleagues. Brinkley and I were referred by friends, and for me personally and in business, referrals are the ultimate in marketing, but also the hardest to get, and hardest to maintain – for me, Urban Dogs is a very easy referral. They are personal, supportive, interactive, provide good communication, the place is really clean, and they have a neat programme of ‘other’ activities  .... the only issue I have is when they email a picture if Brinkley off at swimming, when I am at my desk working hard and thinking “there is something wrong with this scenario!”  Well recommended and recent award is well deserved. Thanks Cherryl (Brinkley's mum)

Hi, all I can really say is that Urban Dogs Rocks!!!!!I put Tibby in there alternate weeks at the moment and she just loves it. She stays the whole day and as soon as we turn in to Bush Road she knows where we are going and is up looking out the car window. She gets sooo excited to see the girls and her new doggie besties! I have to say that since attending Urban dogs, she is happier and really well behaved... she will even retrieve toys now when you throw them - something she has never done before so thanks a million all of you :-) Chrissy, Aidan and Tibby x

We have been using Urban Dogs for nearly two years and Zabba absolutely loves her days at Urban Dogs ( she actually gets even more excited than normal ), Leanne and her team quite clearly have a love for the care of all the dogs that visit and you are always left with that impression.

No more to say other than a big thank you to you all for looking after our special pooch.

Wonderful staff who know what they are doing. Always very clean and tidy. Best of all my dog loves it there.

Urban dogs is a fantastic place for our Teddy Bear! He is our baby and therefore, completely spoiled so it is difficult for us to leave Teddy anywhere and feel confident that he is safe and enjoying himself at the same time. Teddy loves Urban Dogs and is always happy to go. He gets so much love from the staff and that is important to Teddy. I would recommend this daycare to all! Mandy (Teddy's mum)

If you ever want to leave your fur baby in good hands, Urban Dogs is the place to go. We have a 9 month old boxer puppy that is really high energy and full of mischief, and since going to day care, she has balanced out with her socialization skills and manners. Thanks to the awesome team, super friendly and helpful! Jacinda (Milse's mum)

I completely recommend Urban Dogs to anyone who wants quality trusted day care for their pooch! The staff are extremely caring, know your dog and you by name, and give them lots of attention and cuddles during the day. They play with them and keep them safe and give them rest when they need it. The facilities are clean and organized and they have lots of enrichment for your dog. Booking your dog in is easy and they offer loads of extra like field trips and swimming lessons and dog training, first aid courses etc etc. My dog has been coming since he was a wee rescue pup who had no manners and no idea how to be part of a pack. The knowledgeable staff (qualified dog behaviourist) paired him with dogs that helped him learn to socialize and how to fit into a pack. Now he is the one that helps new puppies settle in. My dog loves coming to Urban Dogs and I love that he gets lots of exercise and play. Highly recommended. Jan Dutton (Milo D's mum)

I love Urban Dogs, and most importantly so does my dog Fletch. He starts getting very excited when he knows we are close.It has been the best thing for his socialization, and Leanne and the crew have been a big help.I cant recommend Urban Dogs more highly Leigh (Fletch's mum)

I would highly recommend Urban Dogs daycare. Our dog Lulu wasn't very good around a lot of dogs but they integrated her slowly and now she is great going in with all the dogs. Going there has greatly improved her socialisation skills outside of daycare. The people are lovely and we feel very safe leaving our precious dog there. She also loves to go to swimming. 

Stephanie Pitt (Lulu's mum)

Our wee girl Mia LOVES daycare! - Urban Dogs have been so good with her and having her socialise with all the other pups has helped us tremendously with day to day activities with Mia. We fully support Urban Dogs as daycare for our girl and the staff are just lovely too!

Aneliese Hotham (Mia's mum)

Floyd our Half Husky/Half German Shepherd has been a regular (normally twice a week) at Urban Dogs for almost two years. They've seen him through puppyhood right through his adolescent years - quite the mission! We've been so impressed with the love and attention he's received during this time. He's a high energy dog that needs lots of positive interaction and they've constantly kept him busy and entertained all day - so much so that he's nice and tired when he comes home. Thanks Urban Dogs - Floyd loves his days with you and starts howling with excitement from 7.30am :) Tricia Pink (Floyd's mum)

The personal service you get at Urban Dogs is fantastic.  They learn who you are, but most importantly they learn what your dogs need.  My babies love going to Urban Dogs and they provide a great, safe environment for the dogs to play.   Would recommend to anyone.

Denise Verrall (Maisie and Finn's mum)

We have a rescue Border Collie that came with a lot of issues from her early years with little security and guidance. We took her to some council run training where we met Sam. Sam did some amazing work with her and suggested Urban Dogs. Since the day we first introduced our dog to Urban Dogs her behaviour has improved at a remarkable rate. She now  has the stimulation and guidance that is needed for an intelligent dog with unknown history. With a young family I do not always have the time to devote to her needs. This training is achieved and expectations far exceeded at Urban Dogs. The suggestions from the team at Urban Dogs have made family life a far less stressful place to be. Our dog come homes tired, relaxed, obedient and happy every time she is there. All the things you want to see in a content dog, which makes for a content family.
The hours available for drop off make it very easy to work in with young children.
I highly recommend Urban Dogs if you want a safe place to leave your beloved pets for the stimulation and company that makes a very happy and well behaved dog.
Jodi Field (Bella's mum)

Gypsy and her human family would like to say a big thank you to Urban dogs. Even though she has only been going for nearly a year now, She loves it. As soon as we turn down the road Urban dogs are on she is so happy and excited to be going there. Gypsy is a 17 month old. Urban dogs are great. They know how to keep her active and safe. She loves going on a Monday as she also gets to go swimming. Leanne and Sam and the rest of the gang are so caring. They greet Gypsy by name and also have great things to say. I am loving the new idea about the Personalized Training and Behaviour Plan. I would recommend everybody give Urban Dogs a go for your furry Friend. They are in great hands while they are with them. Thank you again staff for all the work you put into looking after Gypsy. - Gina Van Den Bos (Gypsy's mum)

If I'm away or I know I have a really busy day coming up I book Fred into Urban Dogs Daycare. What a fantastic facility!! Wonderful staff that know both me & my dog by name, play equipment to suit all sizes, different zones for different temperaments. I love that we get a quick rundown of which doggy friends Fred has played with during the day on pick up, and I love that the staff are really well trained so I feel safe leaving him there. Oh - and best of all, Fred loves it & comes home tired. I highly recommend giving Urban Dogs a try. - Julie Costello (Fred's mum)

Rico is our second dog to attend Urban Dogs day care. We moved away from Albany but still drive in for Rico to attend because we know they are the best day care in Auckland. The clean, well maintained premises doesn't ever smell like some other daycares do and the highly skilled staff put you at ease right away. They assess your dog and ensure that each dog is well supervised and is under control at all times. They have firm rules such as sitting and waiting to go through the gate which means you have to keep up these good habits at home too! We love all the 'add ons' such as swimming, field trips and nail clips. This really suits us in our busy lives as it means Rico doesn't miss out on a thing. When you have a dog they deserve the very best care and that is why as long as we have a pup, we will always be clients of Urban Dogs. - Felicity Vesey (Rico's mum)

You’ll probably guess, I’m not an overly social dog Being a Huntaway/Header (working dog), I’m very ball focused; it’s actually my job to go out with my Dad and play catch, run and swim for at least an hour (twice a day)! I see other dogs, which is nice but when I’m out with my Dad it’s for a purpose and that’s to work….not my thing to play with other dogs when I’m working…..Well this is what happened to me one day (about 3 years ago now) my Mum and Dad decided to take me to Urban Dogs….You won’t believe this; they actually just left me there for a couple of hours with a bunch of lovely humans and heaps of dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages… I was of course, at first, a bit freaked out….but they were really nice and gentle with me and let me sniff the other dogs and they put me in an area with a group that I got along with…I remember Chico was the first other dog I liked (I’m a leggy girl) and Chico was a Chihuahua but it was neat….I forgot about my Mum and Dad (just while I was there) because there were so many smells and dogs and things to look at. Mum came and picked me up….something had changed in me… when I got home I was saying to myself “I’m a dog” Wow “I’m actually a dog” I always thought I was a human…(now I understand why I wasn’t sitting at the dining table like them)!  Being a dog and going to Urban Dogs was soo much fun…..boy was I tired, I slept so well and even the next day I was just exhausted....My human Dad is retired so he’s home with me all the time but I go to Urban Dogs at least once a week (I’ll be going there more often on wet days and when mum and dad want to get me tired), it keeps my social skills up…I love going to Urban Dogs, I sing on the way and Mum buys me my favourite chew sticks from there which take ages for me to get through…..Nowadays when I go for a walk I stop and sniff/say hi to other dogs….I never used to do that before Urban Dogs. Written by Elinore Manning, Supported by Frank Manning and Dictated by Zoe Manning (4).

Our 2 adorable wheaties Clooney & Ziva love their day at Urban Dogs.  They have both been going since they were puppies and love it.  They go crazy in the car when they are driving there and have so much fun socialising with the friends that they have made there.  Urban Dogs isn't just any old day care, the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly, and of course great with the dogs.  They have so much variety and activities on offer.  I especially love the guy fawkes party! They also even have a special doggie retreat if you want to go away for a weekend.  Highly recommend Urban Dogs  we wouldn't go anywhere else! - Kim Walsh & Glenn Millard (Clooney and Ziva's parents)

My cavoodle pup Kensi loves going to Urban Dogs, she gets too excited to finish her breakfast if she knows she is going to daycare, and jumps up and down to hurry me up!!! The staff there are caring and friendly, and Kensi gets lots of socialization and exercise at Urban Dogs. It is really great to know that my baby is being looked after and having a great time while I am busy at work, and when I am bored in the office, I can check out the photos Urban Dogs put online and see what mischief she gets up to! Thanks for the great job! Bonnie (Kensi's mum)

Our whippet Louie and I have been coming to Urban Dogs for the past 3.5 years.  We originally came based on a recommendation from another friend with a dog who has been going to Urban Dogs.  We certainly haven’t looked back.  The team at Urban Dogs are amazing.  They always hold Louie’s welfare paramount, they are nurturing and caring so I know at all times I can fully trust them with our Louie.  Louie almost leaps out of the car when we arrive he’s so excited to get in and hang out with his other doggy mates and the Urban Dogs Team.  The extra activities like swimming and field trips are a favourite with us too.  Combining this with Louie’s weekly groom we just couldn’t be happier and with each year that passes we are grateful and appreciative for all the special things the team does for us.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Urban Dogs to any other dog owner looking for a fun caring and trustworthy place to drop off their precious fury family member on the days they need. - Amanda Robinson (Louie's mum)

My 2 dogs have been happily going to Urban Dogs for 2 years. It's a great business, staffed by qualified people who love dogs and very importantly who have a great customer service ethos.The premises are clean and there are plenty of toys to amuse the dogs. Every day you can see pictures on the Facebook owners group of what the dogs have been up to. All ages and sizes are well accommodated and I highly recommend Urban Dogs to help socialise young puppies. The business is well organised and the staff are great. It's been good to use the doggy retreat when we go away, knowing our dogs will be well looked after and the youngster's exuberance kept in check! It's also great to see the pics that are loaded online every day.Sue Yeats (Chloe and Harvey's mum)

Motley my Chihuahua always has a great day with urban dogs!!!!! I always look forward to picking him up and dropping him off. The team are amazing and he is always happy and tired. The photos show why he is tired, socializing with dogs of all sizes and life stages. I love also sending him on the field trips. It's great for him to be able to swim and not be afraid of water!!Moana Thomas (Motley's mum)

Our 2 girls love going to Urban Dogs and have been going for around 18 months now. We have used other dog care centre's and Urban Dogs is the best by far.Our dogs are well taken care of by a team of well trained, dedicated people who genuinely love the dogs. We never hesitate to tell other dog owners about Urban Dogs.  Dale and Lynette Murray (Chifney and Poppy's mum and dad)

I have been bringing Jess to Urban Dogs since she was an unwanted wayward 7 month old.She loves everything about Urban Dogs...the staff, all the other dogs and especially going on outings...the swimming is fabulous and the on leash field trips have improved her walks on a lead no end.I would recommend Urban Dogs to anyone wanting to socialize their dog or just give them a day of fun that is better than being in the backyard.happier. Pauline Schoen (Jess'mum)

We adopted Bailey a year ago and quickly found out that he was a party boy.  We both work full time and our attempt to adopt a second dog to be with Bailey didn't work out, so we looked for a doggie daycare.  I had no idea what to look for but I really liked the website for Urban Dogs because it answered all my questions.  We started going there and I was delighted.  I really like the professional way Urban Dogs is run and the girls and guys that look after Bailey are so nice.  They are really knowledgeable and caring and the best thing is that Bailey can't wait to get there in the morning to play with his friends.  I couldn't be happier. Bailey T's mum

The wonderful team at Urban Dogs have been a fantastic find, especially after adopting a 9 month old dog with separation anxiety issues! Sam is always on hand to give advice & tips, and I feel happy in the knowledge that Ebby is well looked after whilst she is there. Urban Dogs offer a great range of activities, from swimming to field days. All of the staff are so friendly & smiley and love all the dogs they look after. I would recommend Urban Dogs to anyone, & I can’t thank them all enough for the help & support they have given Ebby & me over the last 6 months.”  Nicky Blockley (Ebby's mum)

Absolutely fantastic Bobby & Basil have been going for the past 18 months enjoying many of the activities on offer - swimming, field trips,a bath treat and we've attended a Feet and Paws class and had one on one training with Sam the Dog Behaviourist/Trainer which has given the whole family a better understanding of our much loved dogs.Bobby & Basil also have stayed at the doggy retreat while we went back to the uk for a month, which made it much easier for us knowing that they got all the care and attention from all the wonderful staff. Thank you urban for a great job that you do 👍👏Desna Bonner (Bobby and Basil's mum and dad)

"Our dog Enzo just LOVES Urban Dogs. Leanne and her team have been just brilliant with him from day one. We started taking him at about six months old when he was still quite a shy and unconfident puppy. The socialisation with all the different sized dogs, swimming days, and field trips have helped massively in shaping him into a becoming a happy, obedient, and more confident little dog.We can't fault the care and attention of the staff and Enzo absolutely loves his days with his mates at Urban Dogs.We can't recommend this place highly enough".Chris and Nolene McMaster (Enzo's mum and dad)

"My dog suffers from separation anxiety and will howl if left alone for a long time or become destructive. Urban Dogs is a fantastic place to drop my fur baby off to when I need to be away from home. I love that I can drop her in for a “half day” of fun and socialisation, which is actually up to 6 hours, and is perfect for my work schedule. I can also drop her in any day of the week if my schedule changes. This flexibility combined with the high standard of care makes Urban Dogs my baby’s second home. *****Five Star rating" Tiffany Paterson (Shila's mum)

“Maia (my young Golden Lab) was getting very bored and lonely at home so we looked around for some doggie daycares for her.  The moment I walked into Urban Dogs I was amazed by it.  It is like a kindy for kids – except this is one for dogs J.  The staff are very friendly and helpful and they have helped Maia when she was first feeling nervous and not having much confidence around other dogs.  She has really thrived since starting at Urban Dogs.  The fact that they offer field trips, swimming trips and even movies for the dogs is amazing!  I am so glad that I now don’t have to worry anymore about Maia while I am at work.  I would definitely recommend Urban Dogs to any dog owner.Sharleen Devereux (Maia's mum)

Urban Dogs has been a lifesaver for me. My little dog was only four months old when she started going there, I was so worried she was too little and fretting about leaving her. It has been so fantastic for her in so many ways. She is socialised with other dogs, obedient, burns off her energy and is absolutely exhausted when I pick her up. They always give you a rundown of who she has played with and how her day has been. She gets over-excited when we turn into the driveway and is so happy to see Leanne, Jenn and the team. The advice I have received as a first time dog owner has also been fantastic and I am so grateful to them all. They have an excellent variety of products available as well as natural foods, snacks and the lovely oatmeal shampoo. Would highly recommend them to anyone with a dog, even if you are at home, drop them in for a play. Sarah Bone (Kaiya's mum)

"For those of you who have been blessed with having a Boxer as part of your family you will how full of beans they are. No amount of walking or playing at home can wear Coachella out and as as a working mum it's hard to find the time everyday. Puppies also like to chew things when they are not stimulated enough so leaving Coachella at home everyday was never an option for our family.Urban Dogs has been part of our life now for several months. Not only is Coachella super excited to get to daycare to play with her friends but she comes home too exhausted to chew anything and so tired she sleeps though the night.I know the team at Urban Dogs care about our fur family member as much as we do by her eagerness to get there. That's the true test right there!Carissa Vaudrey (Coachella's mum)

"Starting Carlos at Urban Dogs was the best decision we ever made.We both work from home so getting a new puppy (it was 14 years since the last puppy) was a shock to the system.  At 10 weeks old we called around some Doggie day cares and decided to have a free trial at Urban Dogs because we were impressed with the “thorough” nature of their vetting in regards to vaccinations etc.  So when Carlos was 12 weeks old we arranged to go in for our appraisal and trial.  I met with the behaviourist Jen and she soon put me at ease about leaving Carlos in their capable hands.  We went through a range of things including the things I felt were important to Carlos and ran me through how the whole socialisation process would happen.  Because Carlos was still so young we agreed that it would be good to let him just go for a few hours, but it soon built up to ½ days.  We had Doggy Dan in to see us during this time as well and his advice to us in the whole puppy rearing process was up to 6 months old spend as much money as you can at doggy day-care – it will be invaluable – and he was so right.  Of course we will be carrying on his day-care now forever!Carlos is now 6 months old and over the past 3 months the changes in his behaviour have been huge.  He has spent time initially the smaller dogs, moving on to larger and then with the pack leaders and has a real sense of who he is in the scheme of things.  His socialisation when we take him out to public places is amazing.  Also love the fact that there are “outings” – on a Wednesday Carlos has been going to swimming lessons – he’s an advanced swimmer now and looking forward to sending him out on the “Big Dog” day out as he gets older.  Leanne and her team are truly dedicated to giving the best care and fun to the dogs in their care including a full report at the end of the day on who they have been playing with.  It gives us peace of mind to know that he’s in such great hands! I recommend them to all dog owners I come in contact with!We know Carlos loves going to day care too, he starts to whine as we enter the street … can’t get their quick enough!"

Kathy & David Westmoreland (Carlos' parents)

"Leanne and her staff at Urban Dogs are simply wonderful.  The Urban Dogs team are consummate professionals who care for your dog like he/she were their own.  Urban Dogs is so much more than your normal doggy day care because they have only the highest trained and compassionate staff that makes your dog better with each visit.  Our 3 yr old dog has become more social around all animals and comes home happier with each and every visit.  This would have been impossible without Leanne and her amazing team.  Innovative ideas that actually work like the doggy theatre and swimming classes are just another reason we will be long time believers in Urban Dogs.  If you are looking for a trusted and stress-free environment for your furry loved one than Urban Dogs is the only choice." Anthony and Nicole (Lola's parents)

“The team at Urban Dogs have been great with the socialisation of my puppy. She loves going there and its great on rainy days she comes home exhausted which means no night walk. I would recommend them to anyone. Jazz loves going there - it’s her second home.” Sharyn Goeldner (Jazz's mum)

"For us, Urban Dogs started out as a solution whilst getting renovations done, to keep the dogs safely away from the builders, but it’s become so much more. Both of our boys love going there, and we’ve seen big changes in their social skills since attending. Bolt, who was an SPCA rescue from a very neglected background, was initially a really shy, nervous little dog, but is now much more settled both at home and when we take him out for walks. Ice, his more confident brother who was a spoiled only child until Bolt came along, is now much better at sharing and doesn’t bark as much. We love taking them to Urban Dogs, the staff are always so friendly and make a real point to tell us who our boys played with each day, which we love. The facilities always seem so well controlled and spotlessly clean, and there are so many additional services available. It’s such a great company and we’re constantly raving about it to anyone who will listen! Big thanks from us, and from Ice & Bolt!” Niki and Kieren Smith (Ice and Bolt's parents)

"I was recommended to try Urban Dogs Day Care by a family member. Immediately I was blown away by their level of service, their premises and their awesome staff. Our dog Benji, a standard schnauzer, has personality plus! He loves to play and he loves to swim! So Urban Dogs swimming lessons on a Wednesday ticks all his boxes! He has a blast, and we get a very happy and exhausted dog at the end of the day. I also admire Leanne's dedication to uploading daily photos and videos to Facebook and Flickr. My husband and I love logging in and seeing photos of Benji playing with other dogs, swimming and just having fun. I have no hesitation in recommending Urban Dogs to anyone! Give them a try - you and your dog will love it!!" Monique and Rob Teterin (Benji's parents)

"Our dog loves going to Urban Dogs, we know this because she gets so excited when she know she’s going, and when she gets there she can’t wait to say hello to all of her human friends (Corey you know your her new boyfriend) before she goes in to see the other dogs. Maggie is only a small dog and although super social isn’t too keen on the big boisterous ones but at Urban Dogs they keep them separate if needed and they’re constantly supervised. If your dog’s not feeling energetic they can hang out in the chilling area or watch a movie in their new cinema. Maggie loves rearranging their furniture and we are all sure she was an interiors designer in a past life. Urban Dogs really do care and if you want them to continue any home rules at doggy day care they’re happy to do so. Urban Dogs provides a great release for her during the week to socialize and get looked after. The staff are fantastic and provide all the care and attention she needs as well as maintaining the discipline so she doesn't get unruly. At the end of the day we get a run down of what she's been up to, how she 's been including anything they pick up during the day, give advise and let us know her favorite doggy buddies. We would definitely recommend Urban Dogs.Thanks for providing a great services and looking after Maggie during the week".Craig Watkins (Maggie's dad)

"Leanne, you and your caring staff have creating an amazing environment for people to leave their much loved pets.  We can leave Molly without ever needing to worry. Molly loves coming to Urban dogs and so enjoys her wee friends. It has helped with her socializing and is a great support to us if we need to leave her. Your business is so well run and you have thought of everything! Thank you all so much for your wonderful care and support". Rosalie and Peter Pearson (Molly’s parents)

"I find Leanne, Jen and the whole team at Urban Dogs really friendly and nice.  They genuinely care about the dogs and you can feel assured that your precious wee pup is being looked after well". Lisa Elder (TJ's mum)

"We would thoroughly recommend Urban Dogs daycare to any one who has a beloved pooch. Our two little boys were not very social before they started at Urban Dogs. Now they can't wait to get in the door and see their friends. It is great to see them so excited to go. The extras that are available are magnificent. When you are unable (for any reason) to take your dog out for a run in the fields or swimming experience in a pool this service is a god send. Leanne and her staff are caring, understanding and professional. They run a very well organised, clean and friendly facility. Communication between staff and dog owners is efficient and appreciated. Urban Dogs is truly great value for both us and our dogs. "Rachel and Liam (Elvis and Presley's parents)

I was recommended Urban Dogs as a great place to socialise my new pup. I had previously met some Bernese dogs that were aloof, skittish, and shy and I didn't want my dog to take on those traits. Because of Urban Dogs, River is confident, sociable, and loves people and dogs alike. She loves going to Urban Dogs to play and it has been the best thing for her development. The team is also mindful of her growth as a large breed dog and all the personalised care and supervised play minimises the risk of too much rough-housing and strain on her growing joints. Mat and movie times ensure they get the rest they need throughout the day and I love that I can drop her off without making an appointment (especially on days when the weather is bad!). Thank you Urban Dogs for all that you do! Sarah (River's mum)

I love Urban Dogs, and most importantly so does my dog Fletch. He starts getting very excited when he knows we are close. It has been the best thing for his socialization, and Leanne and the crew have been a big help. They always offer a personalised service, letting me know what he got up to in the day, and they take the time to discuss any issues you may be having with your dog.I cant recommend Urban Dogs more highly.Leigh Jeffs (Fletch's mum)

"Our captain loves his days at Urban Dogs and is always excited to go. Great staff and friendly environment. Staff always excited to tell you about your dogs day and who they played with and some great photos too. Recommend Urban Dogs as a great way to keep your dog busy when you are at work."Rachel Moore (Captain's mum)

"I found Urban Dogs because I like Orijen food and they were the closest stockist.  Was surprised when I went in to see what a great looking place it was.  Bright, cheerful,  and oh so clean. I did not get to go back for a while. Then the 'kids'left home. The place was so quiet without them around during the day. Not enough time out in the paddock with the frisbee, walking up the road, or chasing each other for the cats food (bad habit only one kid would get away with) Finally,  the 'mother' took me in for a trial day!  Yahoo.  I behaved and passed the - whats that word? -  initiation maybe.  It was a great day anyway and I fell fast asleep in the car on the way home.Now I get to go a couple of times a week.  It is lots of fun.  I have learnt good habits from other dogs, even a trick or two.  Have my favourite friends which the staff tell the 'mother' about when she comes to get me, and a quick squirt of something smelly when I leave.  I dont mind that even though I am a boy dog because I am asleep in a second.Oh,  the swimming on Wednesday (I only have one star but I will get more, just watch me)  and walks on Fridays - hard to say which i like best. We even have birthday parties, watch movies, and baths. The team are very friendly, we know who the pack leaders are and we need to use our sitting skills/manners. Love it here it is very enjoyable."Dippa (With mum Jann's help)

"Urban dogs is a fantastic place for anyone looking for a doggy daycare. I took my little Minature Pinscher Billy there last year and hes been ever since. Leanne and the team are welcoming and will give you great advice, my little pup was a bit anxious and with help from the team he is now a confident and happy dog. He is always eager to get in the door to say hello to everyone I cant thank Urban dogs enough for everything they have done he is a completely changed dog. There are also wonderful extra bonus facilities such as movie theatre, swimming and field trips which all make it a great place for a quiet or active dog. My dog loves Urban dogs and comes home happy and tired from a great fulfilled day thanks again to all staff at Urban Dogs."Catherine Sonnekus (Billy's mum)

"I first came to Urban Dogs in 2012 when it first opened with my enormous Huntaway x Beardie Cruz. Cruz is a very sensitive big fella but he LOVES Urban Dogs and the staff. Corey especially has a soft spot for Cruz I think! I have left Cruz with Urban Dogs on scary times such as Guy Fawkes and he always has such a great time. They are well organised, immaculately clean, friendly and have a passion for all that is dogs. Leanne and the crew are always smiling and so happy to see Cruz thus making him feel special. I'm so proud of how far Urban Dogs have come and the services they provide. The area is HUGE and safe too! Well done guys!!! Cruz sends his love."Melanie Staines (Cruz's mum)

"Using Urban Dogs means that I feel less guilty at leaving my young dog at home. He benefits from have stimulation during the day and it makes his less unbearable in the evenings because he is relaxed. I would highly recommend Urban dogs. It was hard at first to leave him but the staff are great and have a fantastic way with both dogs and people so I quickly relaxed especially when I could see my boy was enjoying himself"Dawn (Fleetwood's mum)

"I have been leaving my dog Poppy, at Urban Dogs for the last 10 months , since I began working in the local area. Poppy loves it there as I can tell by her excitement in the car as we approach! The staff are competent & caring for each of the dogs. They have extra activities available including field trips & swimming sessions if you want to send your dog on those outings. Supervision of the dogs is great, & the staff are careful that each new dog brought for day-care is introduced carefully to the rest of the dogs. It is always clean & well organised. I have always been worry free when I leave Poppy in their care! The feedback each day when I pick her up is great. I would highly recommend Urban Dogs to anyone who needs day-care for their dog"Judith Cunningham (Poppy's mum)

"I was thrilled to find Urban Dogs last year (2014) - exactly what I was looking for and so well managed.  Indie is always so happy to go there and I know when I collect her that she has had a fantastic day & has kept out of mischief, but had heaps of fun (and discipline) which is exactly what an energetic Border Collie puppy needs!  The staff are wonderful and it is obvious that they deeply care for and enjoy all our  'children' that we leave in their very capable hands.  Thank you to Leanne & the team for giving me piece of mind and giving Indie such good times."Anne Cowell (Indie C's mum)

"If any one is looking for outstanding day care for their dog we can highly recommend Urban Dogs.  Our dog Moet loves going to catch up with her friends. She also enjoys the field trips, outings to the beach and swimming sessions at the nearby swimming pool.  Leanne, Jen and the team are real dog lovers."Glenis Ambrose (Miss Moet's mum)

"Urban Dogs - what a fantastic place! Charlie, our eight month old Jack Russell, loves going and comes home tired out. Thanks to this wonderful facility, he has been well socialized at a young age. Charlie goes twice a week and has recently been on a few of the Tuesday field trips to Sanders Park where he gets to run around like a lunatic with his four legged friends. Tuesday nights are usually pretty peaceful in our house now!Urban Dogs is so much more than just somewhere to drop your dog off for the day. All the staff have had some sort of animal training and I can rest assured knowing that Charlie is in safe hands and is having a ball with people who work well together as a team and genuinely care for animals."Alison Patten (Charlie Brown's Mum)

"Leaving my dogs where they are loved and looked after is a great relief. Urban Dogs centre and staff go the extra mile to ensure the dogs just love to go back, and they are just as friendly to the owners too. The place is always clean and doesn't smell 'doggy' like some places. Thanks Leanne and team you're doing an awesome job".Helen (Blackie and Gary's mum)

“Our White Shepherd puppy Nero loves going to Urban Dogs day care, he can't wait to get out of the car once I have parked outside in the morning. He not only gets exercise physically but also mentally, which is exactly what a growing puppy needs during the day. Leanne and Jen do a fantastic job of looking after him and I feel happy knowing he is being looked after by the best day care! Highly recommend.“Livia Forian (Nero’s mum)

“In every way you can think of, 'perfection' is the only way to describe this place. It's like the dream place you want to leave your family or best friend and they will love you and every second of being here. If there was a quality score higher than Excellent called “OUT OF THIS WORLD” that would be more like it for Urban Dogs. You rock! Thanks for looking after the Tug of War Queen 4 days a week.” Lucy Boryer (Lottie’s mum)

“Urban Dogs is fantastic, my dog loves going there and has settled in well. They really look after my dog well. It’s also great getting updates and photos on how my dog’s day is going. Great place - couldn’t recommend them more!!!!!!”Rachel Constantine (Tinka’s mum)

“This day care is awesome. Ella can’t wait to get there, they really make sure she is entertained. The staff there are brilliant.” Michele Brown (Ella’s mum)

“Urban dogs is fabulous! My dog loves it and I was very impressed he was assessed before being let loose with the other pooches. My dog is timid and anxious around new people but after a few hours at Urban Dogs he was fine and LOVES going there. They are professional, friendly and easy to talk to.” Jayne Staunton (Van’s mum)

“I can't recommend Urban Dogs enough. My dog Bear is never more excited than when we pull up outside day care. The staff are so lovely and it's always great to get a full report of Bear's activities during the day. Thanks guys for making Bear feel so cared for!” Leah Cole (Bear’s mum)

“For my young puppy Millie, the team at Urban Dogs have been incredible. Initially I was unfamiliar with animal day care, but it’s proven to be a brilliant solution for me & a great opportunity to teach Millie to socialise and interact with many different dogs of every shape & size in a safe and secure environment. Needless to say that after each visit she is a very happy pup & completely exhausted after a day at play with her friends new & old. I totally recommend Urban Dogs, Leanne, Cory, Jen & to all!” Ross Patterson (Millie’s dad)

“I wanted to express my appreciation for the outstanding care you take of COCO and all the other dogs in daycare.  She is always desperate to get there and play with her ‘friends’.  The premises are always clean and tidy and both you and Jen greet both owner and dog by name and with genuine warmth.  There seems to be a depth of knowledge which ensures safety and individual responses to each dog as well as a behaviour management programme which ensures that home and daycare rules are the same. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Urban Dogs to anyone and wonder now what we did without it!Hayley (Coco’s mum)

“Urban Dogs has become Bailey’s second home, a place to hang out with his friends, try out new toys, and delicacies (I love those treats!) and when it all gets too tiring, a nice soak in a hot bath. As an only child; he wasn’t very good at sharing toys or people! However through the help of the caring and talented team at Urban Dogs he has made a marked improvement and continues to grow with each visit. Thank you to Leanne and her team for looking after our boy”. Jacqui Matthews-Harris (Bailey’s mum)

“Toby is an extroverted active dog who was getting bored and destructive during the long weekdays at home alone.  But Urban Dogs came to the rescue!  Toby gets all the exercise he needs at day care so we get an extra half hour sleep instead an early morning walk.  And the constant doggie socialisation under the kind supervision of Leanne, Corey and Jen has transformed Toby from being ‘socially awkward’ to a dog we can happily allow to play with any dog he meets” Willie and Christine Petrie (Toby’s parents)

“The staff at Urban Dogs are lovely! Thanks guys for making Indi's first day at daycare so much fun and taking great care of her. She slept the whole evening! Looking forward to bringing her next week” Tina Kennedy (Indi’s mum)

Urban Dogs what an awesome place!! Ash & I have been attending since Mar 13 and the setup still amazes me. Ash is a regular. He really loves going to spend time with his mates and I love him coming home all tired out. I don't know anywhere else where you can get a team who have that all round experience. Ash went through a whining stage talking it over with Jen really helped me understand what was going on and how to deal with him. I really appreciate the time & energy Leanne, Corey & the team put into looking after my big boy!! Fantastic team, fantastic premises we (Ash & I) couldn't live without URBAN DOGS. Moe (Ash's Mum)

“We changed to Urban Dogs from another provider early this year and have found the service to be excellent. Our dog loves attending day-care and  we have complete confidence that when we drop him off for the day he will be given plenty of care and attention in a safe environment. Leanne and the team are extremely friendly and clearly have the animals best interests at heart. The facilities are clean and there are plenty of comfy areas for rest and relaxation as well activities and toys to keep all the dogs amused and our little man comes home exhausted after a day of fun!” Sara and Phil Crabbe (Rusty’s parents)

“Mango & Rocco just love their weekly trip to Urban Dogs.  The staff are amazing and talk you through everything & give you daily updates on how they behaved when you arrive to pick them up. I have seen good changes in my dogs socialising skills and thought they would not adjust as well as they have to daycare… but they get so excited and can’t get through the door quick enough to see their friends.  Its great as owners to be able to trust they are happy and playing while we are at work and that the lovely staff are incredible and will keep you informed every step of the way.  I would recommend Urban dogs to everyone with a dog”.Shelley Frowde (Mango, Rocco and Marlowe's mum)

“Minnie goes to Urban Dogs once a week! Minnie has some great friends and loves to go. The staff are amazing and treat the dogs as if they are their own. I know Minnie is in great hands and has a great time every day she spends there!!! “ Claire Walker (Minnie’s mum)

"Wow can we go to see my pals at Urban Dogs today?"  I never have to worry about a bored, unhappy or naughty puppy now that Robby goes to see Leanne and her wonderful Team at Urban Dogs!  Such a great feeling to go to work and know that Robby is so well looked after and has learned to socialise with other dogs and people, thanks to all at Urban Dogs! Wendy London (Robby and Teddy's mum)

“I can’t recommend Urban Dogs enough – Our Rough Collie Sophie can’t wait to go – All I have to say in the morning is “You’re going to see your mates today” – and she waits by the car until I’m ready to leave.  She comes home at the end of the day physically tired and more importantly emotionally fulfilled - although she has five acres to run on and is never alone for more than half a day, she still needs contact with other dogs.  Sophie started attending Urban Dogs when she was 9 months old – if I could do it all over again, I would have brought her in when she was really young.  Her “doggie” manners have improved greatly – I always used to have those moments of panic on the beach when I knew she was overstepping boundaries with other dogs and people, but now I can take her anywhere with the confidence that she knows how to behave appropriately." Tara Alexander (Sophie's mum)

"My once very shy and scared Louie and Ruby love doggy day care! Urban dogs has helped them overcome their fear of all other dogs, they even yelp with excitement as we get close to the building”.Emily Pollard (Louie and Ruby’s mum)

“Urban Dogs is fantastic! My dog loves going. He has lots of friends to play with and the staff are friendly and helpful.I highly recommend paying them a visit.” Jacqui Smith (Benjimin’s mum)

“Jody absolutely loves coming to Urban Dogs to play with her doggy pals. Thanks Leanne, Jen and the fab team at Urban Dogs!” Deborah Lennon (Jody’s mum)

“I can’t recommend Urban Dogs more highly. The staff are great, Milo loves going there, and he comes home thoroughly worn out!”  Kim Young (Milo’s mum) 

“Best thing I ever did for my puppy was send her to daycare. A lot of people laugh at the idea but she has made lots of friends, become more confident with her surroundings and gets the well deserved exercise. Thanks to everyone at urban dogs for caring for Riley. :)” Janna Webster (Riley’s mum)

Our French Bulldog Gus attended Doggy Dans puppy class at Urban Dogs and to be honest we never actually thought about sending him to a doggy daycare as I am currently a stay at home mum. But when he started showing some stubborn and dominate traits a few months down the track, we thought he might benefit from the company and stimulation of being around other dogs on a more regular basis. We personally weren't looking for a doggy daycare that relied on constant human interaction with the dogs - in our opinion dogs playing together is the best therapy and exercise they can get. After all Gus gets plenty of human interaction at home! We see the staff love and care for our dogs and are a constant presence but they also leave them to interact and play without letting things go too far. They clearly know the dogs really well and can move them about the different areas depending on size of the dog or their energy levels etc. Gus spending regular time around a pack of dogs, ranging from the very large to the very tiny, is the best gift we can give him and we highly recommend you give Urban Dogs a go. Natalie Bull (Gus'mum)

“Finding Urban Dogs has been amazing. I have total trust that Sasha my German Shepherd puppy will be truly cared for as if owned by the lovely people that work there. Sasha receives the right mix of discipline, exercise, play and affection required to keep her balanced, which is super important while she is young and learning. Urban will continue to be a huge success because they make it about dogs and people first, making dropping and picking Sasha up a very enjoyable part of the day. When Sasha was unwell they took extra special care of her ensuring that she wasn't over doing it, closely monitoring her and making sure she was getting the rest she needed. They are also more than happy to feed her while she is on 3 meals and take her outside for toilet breaks which is crucial during the toilet training phase. Urban is a safe, fun and harmonious environment for any dog”.Vanessa McComb (Sasha’s mum)

“Harley, our SPCA puppy, was initially timid of other dogs and we hoped a day care would help him become more social, together with providing a great alternative to being home alone. Urban Dogs has been a wonderful find - 4 months on Harley is a regular weekly visitor, extremely eager to get through the door and very comfortable with both the other dogs and staff. Leanne, Jen and the team are professional, very helpful and friendly and clearly love the dogs in their care.  I enjoy being updated at pick-up time about Harley's favourite playmates, any behaviour issues and receiving emailed photos of his day.  Clever ideas such as field trips and birthday treats if needed complete the package. Highly recommended!”Jackie Houston (Harley’s mum)

“Urban Dogs is what every busy dog owner who loves their pets needs!  My 10 year old Golden Retriever Sam just loves visiting for the day, he gets spoiled, lots of attention and is so stimulated throughout the day that he sleeps soundly that night.  I love the extra services provided so that I can have him bathed, taken out for a outside walk or swim if I feel he needs it.  Working full time means that I can't spend as much time as I would like to with Sam but I am happy to leave him in the care of the lovely staff at Urban Dogs.  He almost rips the lead out of my hand in his eagerness to go in for the day - in fact, he enjoys it so much that I am going to increase the days that I take him to Urban Dogs per week. Thanks all for loving our dogs!”Liz Caudwell (Sam’s mum) 

“Urban dogs is great! Marn Tao has a good time, they post up photos of him while he's there and we share these with friends and family! He comes home so happy and tired showing he's had a good day! they're also very good with security making sure only the nominated people can pick up your dog!”  Jobie Tang (Marn Tao’s mum)

“Our little brown kelpie puppy Skipper has been visiting Urban Dogs for several months now. As a working breed, Skipper's got a lot of energy and constantly needs to be mentally challenged.  Urban Dogs not only provides a safe environment for her to socialise and play, they also provide toys and games which get Skipper thinking and keep her mind engaged while my husband and I are both at work during the day.  She comes home tired and happy.  We love the extra touches (like the photos, updates on who her friends are and the Guy Fawkes night sleepover) that Urban Dogs provides.  When we drop her off each morning we know she will be well looked after, engaged and in safe hands with people who really care about their customers.  We also recommend the strawberry spritzer bath, never has she smelt so good! Thanks guys for all your help, we will all miss you! “ Erin and Stephen (Skipper’s parents)

A Day in the Life of Allie
9am: Going for a car ride, my favourite thing!
9.30am: Urban Dogs, my favourite thing!
10am: Leanne, my favourite person!
10.30am:  Jo, my favourite person!
11am: Jen, my favourite person!
11.30am: Dayna, my favourite person!
12pm: Meeting new friends at Urban Dogs, my favourite thing!
12.30pm: Playing with my friends at Urban Dogs, my favourite thing!
1pm: Treats at Urban Dogs, my favourite thing!
1.30pm: Nap-time at Urban Dogs, my favourite thing!
2pm: Playing with my brother at Urban Dogs, my favourite thing!
2.30pm: Movie time at Urban Dogs, my favourite thing!
3pm: Still playing with my friends at Urban Dogs, my favourite thing!
3.30pm: Seeing my mum, my favourite thing!
4pm: Going home from Urban Dogs, NOT my favourite thing!
Allie (with help from her mum Rachael Larsen)

My name is Mikey, I am one year old, and my favourite thing is going to Urban Dogs.  My big sister likes to come too, sometimes we play together but we both like playing with our other dog friends when we’re there. My sister loves watching movies at Urban dogs, I like playing, they have my favourite toys, and I get treats sometimes too. Sometimes my Mum takes my breakfast to Urban dogs if I’ve slept in, and they feed me when I get hungry.My human friends at Urban dogs look after us really well, they are lovely, and they know about us dogs too, and they teach us fun stuff. On my birthday I got special treats and my Mum got a voucher to buy me more treats.My Mum likes Urban Dogs too, she likes it when we come home tired and go to sleep instead of climbing all over her and chewing her stuff. She likes looking at the photos of us when we’re there.My Mum says Urban dogs is wonderful and she would know coz my Mum knows everything. You should come too, that is if you’re a dog. No cats allowed, ha!Mikey (with help from his mum Caroline and Rachael Larsen)

“Lily has been coming to Urban Dogs for 6 months now. The team always make you feel welcome and that your dog is well looked after and they care about your dog as much as you do. Lily loves going to daycare and getting to hang out with her friends for the day. I feel confident that Lily is in great hands.” Anna Edwards (Lily’s mum)

“My 5yr old boxer has been going to Urban Dogs for about 8 months now, she was shy of people mostly men, and a nervous dog, but now she's a different dog she loves all the girls and Cory at Urban, she's much better with strangers and she is much better with other dogs, and plays much better at the beach and parks with dogs. We love it at Urban Dogs” Jade White (Ruby’s Mum)

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