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Keeping your dog safe on Guy Fawkes night

Guy Fawkes can be a very exciting time for humans but for some dogs it’s a different story. Although some dogs might be fine, others can get very scared of fireworks. In order to keep your dog safe and happy there are a few things you can do to help.

Stay calm

Try not to make a big fuss about the fireworks in front of your dog. If they see their mums and dads 'stressing' it will only reassure them that they have reason to panic. By showing you are calm and relaxed this will help your dog to feel the same.

Give them a favourite toy

Distracting your dog with their favourite toy or perhaps a treat is a great way to keep their mind on something else. It will also train your dog to associate fireworks with something positive.

Familiar place

It’s not a great idea to take your dog to a new place for Guy Fawkes. Doing so may add to their stress as they are not only in an unfamiliar environment but there are also ‘scary’ loud noises going on. Putting them in their crate or bed will help them feel secure.


There is some preparation you can do to help ease your dog’s mind in anticipation for Guy Fawkes. Playing a sound recording of fireworks before playtime, walks and food while slowly increasing the volume will help your dog to associate the sound with happiness instead of scariness. This process is not a quick fix; it should be started before Guy Fawkes. 

Keep them inside

Keeping your dog inside will not only lesson the volume of the fireworks but it will also make your dog feel safer. Playing calming music will also help your dog feel calm and help to block out the noise of the fireworks. If your dog is outside you could risk them getting scared and running away. In case your dog does happen to go missing make sure they're micro-chipped and that your information is updated beforehand.

Remember, dogs have a higher sensitivity to stimuli than humans. The fireworks will be a far more intense experience for the dogs than it is for us so try to make them as comfortable as you can. 


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