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About Urban Dogs

As dog owners, we all know the struggle of leaving our dogs at home all day and then trying to make time to attend to their play and exercise needs at night. 

Urban Dogs provides a fun, safe, all weather environment where you can drop your dog off and we will fill their days with activities, naps, hugs, treats and plenty of dog social time - so that at the end of the day, you pick up a happy, pooped pup! 

Urban Dogs have an open environment, which means you can watch your dog settling in with their friends every morning on drop off. 

We are proud to not only offer a quality day care facility for dogs, but a community of like-minded, dog-loving people.

Dog Squad

Leanne Andersen

CCO - Chief Cuddle Officer

Leanne has always had her dog in day-care since he was a tiny puppy. As a big believer that  socialisation and daily love, leads to a happier, healthier pup, when Leanne got the opportunity to swap her management role with running a day-care business, she jumped at the chance.

Leanne has a background in accounts and management, which she will put to 
good use here at Urban Dogs, along with her love of dogs of course. When Leanne is not hanging with all your fur-babies, you can find her mowing the lawns at her farm, on the ride on mower named Bruce... which she is very fond of... even if she has broken it a million times.  

Kerry Johnstone

ACO - Associate Cuddle Officer

Kerry has no formal dog training, other than what she considers a certificate in dog loving, which she passed with an A++. Kerry has a background in marketing, sales and admin, where she has spent the last few years in senior management.  

Most of Kerry’s spare time is spent hanging with her rescue pup Poppy. Their favourite hobbies are having a good walk and sniff around the neighbourhood and naps in the afternoon. Kerry is very excited that she can now extend that dog love to all of the Urban Dogs family!

Amanda FitzGerald

Receptionist - Dog Squad

Amanda was a client of Urban Dogs for years.. in fact her dog Luna, enjoyed coming to UD so much, she convinced her mum to join our team! YAY LUNA! 

Amanda is a very smart cookie, with a Bachelor of Commerce with Double Major in Marketing and Information Systems. Amanda has a Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Administration, and Office support background, 3 years of which were spent in Singapore. 

Amanda loves not only dogs, but the doggy Mum's and Dad's she gets to chat to every day. She is combining all her skills in one role, and every day we thank Luna for making her join the UD Dog squad. 

Jenny Arnup

Day Care Supervisor - Dog Squad

Jenny is originally from the UK where she grew up on a farm gaining experience working with all sorts of animals. She also worked in a large kennel facility in the UK for 5 years. 

Jenny immigrated to New Zealand to be with her husband and we are so glad she did as her love and skill with dogs is truly pawsome.  As one of our Day Care angels, Jen enjoys not only working with all of your dogs, but also singing to them and dancing with them... we are pretty sure they enjoy it too. 

We like to say Jenny is 50% human and 50% Disney - if there was a Disney princess who lived in a shoe and owned 100 dogs, that would be our Jen.   

Julia Gois

Day Care Supervisor - Dog Trainer

Julia was a flight attendant in Brazil when the need to spend more time with animals dragged her into a new career. Since then Julia has spent time working in animal shelters, training with guide dogs, and hosting dogs in doggy day cares. 

Julia loves to watch the dogs, and encourage them in their strengths, she believes we can learn as much from them, as they can from us. She has a strong training background and is there for any dog advice you might need. Julia speaks fluent dog, and we are very lucky to have her!

As dog Mum to gorgeous Spoodle Lyla, Julia spends her days working with, cuddling and just enjoying being with your dogs. 

Kerry-Lee Pigg

Receptionist - Dog Squad

Kerry is part way through obtaining a Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Animal Management and Welfare. These studies have seen her travel to the Bornean Rainforest to study the jungle wildlife.

In her spare time, Kerry enjoys learning more about her passions: natural science and animals. She also loves exploring New Zealand and all it has to offer. 

Kerry is the smiling face at Urban Dogs morning reception and is a dog cuddle expert in the afternoon. Her skills with dogs, human's and organisation are pawsome, and she is a serious asset to the UD team. 

Liv Matthews

Day Care Supervisor - Dog Squad

Olivia (Liv) returned to Urban Dogs after a brief stint in the corporate world where she quickly realised that dogs were her life and she needed them in her day. Thank goodness, because Olivia is a major asset to the team.  

Liv has both a passion and knowledge for dogs, marketing and photography, so has the perfect combination of skills as one of our Day Care Supervisors. 

Liv is dog mum to the loveliest of Golden Retrievers - Bailey AKA Noodle AKA Very Good Boy who can be spotted among the day care crew helping Mum with her dog love duties. 

Bailey AKA Noodle

VGB - Very Good Boy

Bailey is a VERY GOOD BOY!  He loves everyone, both human and canine, and is always up for a cuddle or belly rub. As such a GOOD BOY, Bailey is often used as a 'safety dog' to meet and greet new day care pups and make them feel safe in this new environment. 

Bailey is keen swimmer and an expert member of our doggy swim club, along with all his day care buddies.  Noodle is a lover of all toys,  but he has shared with us that tennis balls are his absolute favorite. 


UDS - Urban Dogs Sheriff

Louie AKA The Sheriff, has one mission in life.. and that is to make sure all the Urban Doggos are doing the right thing! There are rules people, rules!!

Louie is a small dog with a big heart and plenty of attitude.

Louie's hobbies include, napping, sleeping and lying down... that is when he is not bossing other pups around of course.  


CBT - Chief Ball Tester

Luna has enjoyed coming to Urban Dogs for the past four years. 

She loved it so much in fact that she encouraged her mum Amanda to join our team! Luna loves running around and chasing the Chuck-It balls with all her friends. She is a very well socialised friendly dog who helps out with the pre-play assessments for new dogs.


CL - Chief Licker

Poppy is a very excited rescue pup from Australia, who has almost completely lost the accent, but still struggles with the colder days. She can always be relied upon for a good hearty hand, face, foot lick for both humans and other pups alike. 

Since joining the Urban Dog's squad, Poppy loves the Swim Club the most and is known to squeak at the first hint of the Doggy School bus being loaded up on swim days.  Poppy's mum is also very fond of Swim Club, as it means a very tired puppy at the end of the day, something that all Staffy owners know... is very rare. 

Samson AKA Sam-wich AKA The Ninja

Staff Room Security

Sadly, our beautiful 16 year old Samson aka Samwich aka Security Sam went over the rainbow bridge in 2019, leaving a giant Sam sized gap in all of our hearts.  Sam spent his last few months hanging in reception with the Dog Squad, snoozing and watching over the little ones at nap time. 

Sam liked nothing more than a good farm field trip, where he could hark back to his glory days roaming the fields and stalking the wild life. 

Life was just a little bit better with Sam in it and he may be gone but will never be forgotten.

RIP - Forever in our hearts Samson.  

Our Partners

We Support

Supporting dogs out in the Community

Here at Urban Dogs we believe in supporting those who are doing great things for dogs in our community.

“You don’t need super powers to save a life – just a compassionate heart and a willing spirit” - unknown


Feel free to contact us to ask if your question isn't covered here...

Are large dogs separated from small dogs?

Dogs are grouped in order of size and temperament. It is important for small dogs to interact with big dogs and vice versa as when their owners take them out and about they can’t control who they run into. However, at Urban Dogs mixing is done very carefully by our qualified team who know dog body language and the groups are ALWAYS supervised. We would absolutely not mix a large high energy dog with a small low energy dog. 

Will my dog learn to bark more?

There’s three main reasons dogs bark - over excited, bored or under stress – for the comfort of all our dogs, our team and our neighbours, we don’t allow excessive barking. A little barking while playing is accepted and a bit of excited barking on drop off (dogs just love coming to day care) and when seeing their owners on pick up (dogs just love their owners) but that’s it. Our team will work with the parents of any excessive barkers.

Are the dogs constantly supervised?

Yes – dogs are supervised AT ALL TIMES by our trained team. Click here to find out more about our team.

Will my dog get on with the other dogs?

All dogs must pass the pre-play assessment before being accepted into Urban Dogs. The squad are constantly reading the dogs body language and moving the groups around so that all dogs are comfortable and having fun. For example, the puppies will be with other puppies to burn off their energy. 

Is there an area designated for dogs to lie down?

Yes, there is plenty of bedding, we also have “Mat time” in the middle of the day. For relaxing we have the following areas: Relaxing Seniors Area (RSA), the movies and two chill out areas. Our team are constantly reading the dog body language and grouping dogs so that are dogs are happy. If a rowdy puppy is annoying the older ones they will be separated. We have eight different areas for this as well as separate day beds so your puppy will get regulated rest time (as they don’t know how to regulate their own play) and your older dog will get to relax without being annoyed.

Can you offer training for specific problems with my dog?

Yes, we have loads of great options for dog training. Click here for more training info.

What is the policy on food and snacks?

We do offer our doggos treats during the day if they are allowed, so please let us know if your dog has any special requirements - we are happy to accommodate. 

Dogs are usually fed at home before and after day care, however if you have a young puppy or older dog that requires an extra meal in the day, you can drop the food off with your pup - we feed all dogs separately. Dogs should rest for 15 minutes after being fed to prevent bloat, and stomach issues, so we ensure this is done at day care too.

If you are bringing your dog’s lunch or snacks with them please clearly mark with their name (just like children’s lunches).

Toileting - where do they toilet?

We have designated areas for the dogs to toilet – most dogs use these areas as the other dogs have also gone there, if there are any accidents our team clean them up straight away ensuring they dry the area so it's not a slip hazard. 

My dog hasn't been to dog day care before - I'm nervous but want to give it a go?

It’s fine to feel nervous when trusting your furbaby into the care of others. Our qualified team

will look after your furbaby and let you know how they settle in. We want you and your dog to feel comfortable when using our services, so we offer your dog’s pre-assessment and first day free so you and your dog can try us out with no cost or obligation. 

We will send you updates and photos so you can see how your pup is doing on their first day.

You are more than welcome to come and drop by as many times as you like before your first day. If you’d like to only do a half day that’s also fine. 

Will they make friends?

Most dogs make friends easily, they are grouped with other dogs who have the same interests and temperament so they all get on. 

Will my dog get fleas at day care?

It is part of our terms and conditions that all dogs must be on a flea treatment programme. Fleas don’t jump from dog to dog, fleas jump onto environments like grass, bedding etc. Here at Urban Dogs we have a strict day care cleaning schedule which includes washing all bedding and doing a thorough clean of the facility daily.

Is fresh drinking water available?

Absolutely, water is available at all times, however your dog may still be thirsty after day care. Please be aware of their water intake as excessive amounts may cause an upset stomach or other problems.

Are vaccination records required before enrolment?

Yes – for the health and safety of all our team and dogs we have some pre-play requirements, please see the rules and regulations page for more info. We have a vaccination management system so you can be assured of the ongoing safety of your dog. 

How are dogs disciplined for bad behaviour?

Dogs come to day care to have fun, but in order to maintain a safe environment they also need to play by the rules we set for them. We believe that it is important for dogs to have structure in their play time. Through the use of basic command practice and positive reinforcement methods, the dogs learn that good behaviour brings rewards (play, treats, verbal and physical praise). We have found that by using positive reinforcement methods, the dogs actually want to learn and are eager to please. While appropriate behaviours are reinforced, inappropriate behaviours are disciplined, through the use of time outs or loss of play.

Our team are constantly reading the dog’s behaviour and are trained to catch problems before they arise as we want to ensure all dogs have a fun and safe experience while at doggy day care. If a dog is acting up we look into why – there are many different reasons so we tailor our response to the problem. i.e. if a dog is tired and grumpy we will let them chill out in the RSA or behind reception away from the other dogs for a little while.  Just like with children when a dog gets too excited or tired they can play up. We always offer training if there are any issues. To ensure the safety off all dogs and our team naughty behaviour can lead to suspension or being expelled.

Please keep in mind not all dogs are candidates for dog day care. Some dogs do not do well in this environment. Please do not take this personally as this by no means states that you have a “bad dog”. Our primary concern is for the wellbeing of all our guests by providing a fun, safe environment.

Do I bring toys?

We have loads of dog toys in every shape and size. All toys in the dog play area must remain neutral to avoid possessiveness. We also don’t allow external toys into day care for hygiene reasons.

Do I get a discount for multiple visits or more than one dog?

Yes, we have discounted rates depending on how often you use us and we offer same family discounts – see our rates page for more info.

What happens if there is an emergency with the dogs?

Our squad are pet first aid certified including dog CPR. We have relationships with local vets should the need arise. We have procedures in place in case of emergency, these are all detailed in our application form.

What does your pre-play assessment involve?

The Urban Dogs team perform all our pre-play assessments, designed so we can provide the safest day care experience possible. We test for dog aggression, separation anxiety, confidence levels and toy possessiveness. Your pup will stay for their trial day – this could be a couple of hours if your dog is a bit nervous or if the environment is new to him/her. It is important to us that your dog has a positive introduction to day care, if your dog is overwhelmed, stressed or unhappy the staff will be able to give you advice on if they can overcome this. A gradual introduction to the facility may be suggested, this may not be that convenient for you at first, however sets your dog up to succeed within the environment.

What if my dog fails the pre-play assessment?

If your dog is quieter by nature and didn’t enjoy the group environment or if your dog fails the pre-play assessment, it doesn’t mean your dog is bad. This unique group environment may just be too overwhelming for them. Some dogs just need a little extra training and socialisation before coming to day care – our in-house trainer can help with this. If you dog is older we recommend that they take advantage of our RSA (Relaxing Seniors Area).

What if my dog is injured or gets sick?

Remember that even normal dog play may result in some type of injury. It is not a common occurrence but it can happen. Just like a child can fall or trip at school. All injuries and illnesses are prevented to the BEST of our ability. If this occurs, you will be notified when you pick up your dog if it is minor, you will be notified immediately if the problem is severe. If there is an emergency and vet care is needed, we will transport your dog to our local vet – all medical costs are the owner’s responsibility.


We are open 6.30 am - 6.30 pm, Monday to Friday for your convenience.

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