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Snoopy loves going to Urban Dogs. They are a fabulous team who love Snoopy and go above and beyond to make sure he has fun and help me out when things get busy! Highly recommend Urban Dogs NZ.

Ruth Scandrett (Snoopy's Mum)

I cannot rate Urban Dogs highly enough. The staff are fantastic and genuinely seem to love dogs and their owners - my Charlie settled so quickly . They cater well for all dogs of all shapes and sizes and focus on personality and energy levels rather than size when putting play groups together.

Tina Syme (Charlie's Mum)

Our little dog Wolfie loves his visits to urban dogs! He’s been since we got him as a puppy and he will go for as long as he can!! He comes back so happy and exhausted! The staff are so lovely and caring! He can’t wait to get out of the car to go and play! The photo updates are an awesome bonus - highly recommend Urban dogs!

Amy Brodie (Wolfie's Mum)

A great place to take your furry friends. They are so well looked after by wonderful animal lovers. They offer garm trips and swimming among other things.  Would thoroughly recommend trying them.

Kaye Harriman (Koko's Mum)

Tai is just under 18 months and is relatively new to Urban Dogs. He loves the interaction and stimulation and the freedom to be him - all important for an only dog! On site training and grooming too!! Tai has been groomed by Wendy a couple of times now, he smiles every time he sees her and we love the hair cuts.

Alison Hofmeyr (Tai's Mum)

Amazing team who have taken the time to understand the individual needs of my two very different dogs, Vinnie and Stevie, and provided separate environments and experiences to ensure I get very two happy pooches at the end of the day - thanks so much guys! 

Amanda Van Ryn (Vinnie & Stevie's Mum)

Our wee Oscar loves it here! Would 100% reccomend this place :) Thanks to everyone at UD.

Elizabeth Walker (Oscar's Mum)

Fantastic, friendly, attentive staff.  A great ‘one stop shop‘ for daycare, field trips (swimming and farm), grooming, training... My dog loves it here, especially her trips to the farm and I love seeing the photos posted of her having fun with her friends.

Wanda Robertson (Charli's Mum)

Thank goodness I found Urban Dogs. They have helped make Ebby's life so much better, and mine too!!  The lovely team at Urban are always so helpful & understanding & Ebby LOVES going there. I trust them completely & would recommend them to anyone looking for superb dog care. I can't thank them enough.

Nicky Blockley (Ebby's Mum)

I highly recommend Urban Dogs. Appreciate the safe and always supervised environment. The staff are great and true dog lovers. Lachie loves his time there playing with the other dogs and is always tired from all the excitement when it’s time to go home.

Linda Corbett (Lachie's Mum)

Love this place and so does my dog Emmie!  The staff are always so friendly and accommodating! Highly recommend!!

Fiona Antonovich (Emmie's Mum)

Really great place.  We have a very nervous dog and the team at Urban Dogs has worked really hard with her.  She loves going there and has gained so much confidence. Our dog loves it so much shes happy to be one of the pictures on their van.'

Nick Nicholls (Jessie's Dad)

Excellent doggy day care with caring, knowledgeable staff. Online bookings make things easy and having the option of a 6 hour "half-day" is really useful. My bouncy, energetic, young Labrador comes home tired and happy but not exhausted. He loves going to Urban Dogs and never looks back when I hand him over to his friends!

Jane Wallwork (Alfie's Mum)

Our pup Willy loves going to Urban dogs. The staff are very friendly and he is well looked after. They even post photos on social media so we can check in to see what he has been up too!

Hannah Handley (Willy's Mum)

Urban Dogs is the quietest doggy day care I’ve ever been. I think that’s due to their close supervision of dogs behavior and structural playing. My golden puppy is kind of hyperactive and dominant. After attending Urban Dogs, his manner improved a lot. My puppy has attended other daycares before, then he refused to go after few times. But he loves to go to Urban Dogs, he couldn’t wait every time when we get there. Sam, the dog trainer, also gave us lots of free advice for training him. And the staff here are very caring, informative and responsible. They are not just watching the dogs playing, they are actually teaching dogs manners and correcting their inappropriate behaviour.

Bonnie Hu (Rebel's Mum)

With a household full of working adults, I hated the idea of leaving Kaya as a very young puppy alone for such long periods throughout the day. She needed, but wasn't always getting, the right amount of mental stimulation, exercise and socialization. The concept of a doggy daycare was unknown to me until I noticed an advert behind the back of a bus one day. Not wanting to place Kaya into just any daycare, I spent some time researching options which had the right combination of facilities, staff experience and (most importantly) glowing customer feedback. Urban Dogs met those three crucial criterias for me AND more! The facilities always look well-maintained and clean, the staff members are passionate and experienced, and all those glowing customer feedbacks were proven true. Additionally my little Kaya has enjoyed more than just a place to call a home away from home because she now goes for swimming, has birthday parties with her friends, and the team always tries their best to create new events for both the furbabies and their parents. So a big thank you to all the team for taking care of Kaya and I would highly recommend Urban Dogs to anyone else seeking more than just a drop-off/pick-up...its the value-added services that really sets this place apart!

Jeremy - Kaya's Dad

Annie has been coming to Urban dogs for a few months now and loves it there, great fun environment & lovely staff – 100% recommend!!

Jade Clarkson (Annie's Mum)

We have been taking our Puppy Hershey to Urban Dogs for Swimming and Doggy Daycare. From the initial trial day to ongoing days of daycare, there attention to detail has been second to none. The staff have a great passion and love the dogs as if they were one of their own.  Hershey loves the socialisation, and comes home and has a huge sleep from the fun days he encounters.  Totally recommended.

Chrissy Hay (Hershey's Mum)

Koda has been going to Urban Dogs since he was a puppy, he's a really energetic retriever who loves daycare! It's great to know that Koda is safe and very happy (and exhausted when he comes home). I highly recommend them.  

Lara Crowle (Koda's Mum)

As a busy single parent of my pup Brinkley, he really loves it when I take him for his wee visits at Urban. In fact he knows the name, and when I say we are off to Urban he runs straight to the car. Urban Dogs is often in my conversation and I am regularly recommending them to friends and colleagues. Brinkley and I were referred by friends, and for me personally and in business, referrals are the ultimate in marketing, but also the hardest to get, and hardest to maintain – for me, Urban Dogs is a very easy referral. They are personal, supportive, interactive, provide good communication, the place is really clean, and they have a neat programme of ‘other’ activities  .... the only issue I have is when they email a picture if Brinkley off at swimming, when I am at my desk working hard and thinking “there is something wrong with this scenario!”  Well recommended! 

Cherryl (Brinkley's Mum)

We have been using Urban Dogs for nearly two years and Zabba absolutely loves her days at Urban Dogs ( she actually gets even more excited than normal ), Leanne and her team quite clearly have a love for the care of all the dogs that visit and you are always left with that impression.

No more to say other than a big thank you to you all for looking after our special pooch.

Urban dogs is a fantastic place for our Teddy Bear! He is our baby and therefore, completely spoiled so it is difficult for us to leave Teddy anywhere and feel confident that he is safe and enjoying himself at the same time. Teddy loves Urban Dogs and is always happy to go. He gets so much love from the staff and that is important to Teddy. I would recommend this daycare to all! 

Mandy (Teddy's Mum)

I completely recommend Urban Dogs to anyone who wants quality trusted day care for their pooch! The staff are extremely caring, know your dog and you by name, and give them lots of attention and cuddles during the day. They play with them and keep them safe and give them rest when they need it. The facilities are clean and organized and they have lots of enrichment for your dog. Booking your dog in is easy and they offer loads of extra like field trips and swimming lessons and dog training, first aid courses etc etc. My dog has been coming since he was a wee rescue pup who had no manners and no idea how to be part of a pack. The knowledgeable staff paired him with dogs that helped him learn to socialize and how to fit into a pack. Now he is the one that helps new puppies settle in. My dog loves coming to Urban Dogs and I love that he gets lots of exercise and play. Highly recommended. 

Jan Dutton (Milo's Mum)

I would highly recommend Urban Dogs daycare. Our dog Lulu wasn't very good around a lot of dogs but they integrated her slowly and now she is great going in with all the dogs. Going there has greatly improved her socialisation skills outside of daycare. The people are lovely and we feel very safe leaving our precious dog there. She also loves to go to swimming. 

Stephanie Pitt (Lulu's Mum)

The personal service you get at Urban Dogs is fantastic.  They learn who you are, but most importantly they learn what your dogs need.  My babies love going to Urban Dogs and they provide a great, safe environment for the dogs to play.   Would recommend to anyone.

Denise Verrall (Maisie and Finn's mum)

Gypsy and her human family would like to say a big thank you to Urban dogs. As soon as we turn down the road Urban dogs are on she is so happy and excited to be going there. Urban dogs are great,hey know how to keep her active and safe. She loves going on a Monday as she also gets to go swimming. The whole team are so caring. They greet Gypsy by name and also have great things to say. I would recommend everybody give Urban Dogs a go for your furry friend. They are in great hands while they are with them. Thank you again staff for all the work you put into looking after Gypsy.

Gina Van Den Bos (Gypsy's Mum)

Our two adorable wheaties Clooney & Ziva love their day at Urban Dogs.  They have both been going since they were puppies and love it.  They go crazy in the car when they are driving there and have so much fun socialising with the friends that they have made there.  Urban Dogs isn't just any old day care, the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly, and of course great with the dogs.  They have so much variety and activities on offer.  I especially love the Guy Fawkes party!  Highly recommend Urban Dogs, we wouldn't go anywhere else! 

Kim Walsh & Glenn Millard (Clooney & Ziva's Mum & Dad)

We adopted Bailey a year ago and quickly found out that he was a party boy.  We both work full time and our attempt to adopt a second dog to be with Bailey didn't work out, so we looked for a doggie daycare.  I had no idea what to look for but I really liked the website for Urban Dogs because it answered all my questions.  We started going there and I was delighted.  I really like the professional way Urban Dogs is run and the girls and guys that look after Bailey are so nice.  They are really knowledgeable and caring and the best thing is that Bailey can't wait to get there in the morning to play with his friends.  I couldn't be happier. 

Bailey's Mum

Absolutely fantastic Bobby & Basil have been going for the past 18 months enjoying many of the activities on offer - swimming, field trips,a bath treat and we've attended a Feet and Paws class and had one on one training with Sam the Dog Behaviourist/Trainer which has given the whole family a better understanding of our much loved dogs.Bobby & Basil also have stayed at the doggy retreat while we went back to the uk for a month, which made it much easier for us knowing that they got all the care and attention from all the wonderful staff. Thank you urban for a great job that you do 👍👏Desna Bonner (Bobby and Basil's mum and dad)

Our dog loves going to Urban Dogs, we know this because she gets so excited when she know she’s going, and when she gets there she can’t wait to say hello to all of human friends before she goes in to see the other dogs. Maggie is only a small dog and although super social isn’t too keen on the big boisterous ones but at Urban Dogs they keep them separate if needed and they’re constantly supervised. If your dog’s not feeling energetic they can hang out in the chilling area. Urban Dogs really do care and if you want them to continue any home rules at doggy day care they’re happy to do so. Urban Dogs provides a great release for her during the week to socialize and get looked after. The staff are fantastic and provide all the care and attention - we would definitely recommend Urban Dogs.Thanks for providing a great services and looking after Maggie during the week.

Craig Watkins (Maggie's Dad)

I find the whole team at Urban Dogs really friendly and nice.  They genuinely care about the dogs and you can feel assured that your precious wee pup is being looked after well.

Lisa Elder (TJ's Mum)

I found Urban Dogs because I like Orijen food and they were the closest stockist.  Was surprised when I went in to see what a great looking place it was.  Bright, cheerful,  and oh so clean. I did not get to go back for a while. Then the 'kids'left home. The place was so quiet without them around during the day. Not enough time out in the paddock with the frisbee, walking up the road, or chasing each other for the cats food (bad habit only one kid would get away with) Finally,  the 'mother' took me in for a trial day!  Yahoo.  I behaved and passed the - whats that word? -  initiation maybe.  It was a great day anyway and I fell fast asleep in the car on the way home.Now I get to go a couple of times a week.  It is lots of fun.  I have learnt good habits from other dogs, even a trick or two.  Have my favourite friends which the staff tell the 'mother' about when she comes to get me, and a quick squirt of something smelly when I leave.  I dont mind that even though I am a boy dog because I am asleep in a second.Oh,  the swimming on Wednesday (I only have one star but I will get more, just watch me)  and walks on Fridays - hard to say which i like best.  Love it here it is very enjoyable.

Dippa (With Mum Jann's help)

My name is Mikey, I am one year old, and my favourite thing is going to Urban Dogs.  My big sister likes to come too, sometimes we play together but we both like playing with our other dog friends when we’re there. My sister loves watching movies at Urban dogs, I like playing, they have my favourite toys, and I get treats sometimes too. Sometimes my Mum takes my breakfast to Urban dogs if I’ve slept in, and they feed me when I get hungry.My human friends at Urban dogs look after us really well, they are lovely, and they know about us dogs too, and they teach us fun stuff. On my birthday I got special treats and my Mum got a voucher to buy me more treats.My Mum likes Urban Dogs too, she likes it when we come home tired and go to sleep instead of climbing all over her and chewing her stuff. She likes looking at the photos of us when we’re there.My Mum says Urban dogs is wonderful and she would know coz my Mum knows everything. You should come too, that is if you’re a dog. No cats allowed, ha!

Mikey (with help from his Mum Caroline and Rachael Larsen)

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