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Training Tips For Your New Puppy

Top 10 Training Tips for your Puppy

  1. Socialise your puppy to as many different experiences as possible - especially before 6 months of age i.e. dogs, sounds, people including children and the elderly, parks and objects.
  2. Make sure you always go through doors and gateways before your puppy.
  3. Encourage eye contact from your puppy as much as possible.
  4. Always be calm and consistent and lead by example not threat.
  5. Have your dog complete a task before getting access to a resource such as food or toys.
  6. Keep the level of praise appropriate to the task being taught. For example: when teaching to stay – calm, when teaching recall – excited.
  7. When out and about, ensure your puppy is behind or beside you (with a relaxed lead). This shows your puppy who is the leader.
  8. Have everything happen on your terms – do not allow your puppy to push toys into you or bark for food.
  9. When starting a game with a puppy, make sure you finish and start the game – this reaffirms that you are the leader.
  10. Before 16 weeks is vital in terms of learning for a puppy’s development. The next key date is 6 months. Whatever you do in this time sets your puppy up for life.

Urban Dogs has an in house traininer, and we also run Puppy Preschool classes - give the squad a call on 09 4154920 for any advice on your new puppy!


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